Early Hair Transplant Growth with Enhanced FUE

My latest video series documenting clinics has begun with my review of Arocha Hair Restoration in Houston, Tx. I already put together a short preview video on Youtube. I'm excited by some of the footage I shot and I'm looking forward to editing and sharing the results with my viewers and readers. One of the cool things I got to do was meet some of Dr. Arocha's patients, two of which just happened to come in on their own as the clinic did not call them to show up. It's always nice to meet patients but nicer to meet patients that aren't expecting me:)

The patient in this video showed up with his wife and child so Dr. Arocha could see the progress of his FUE hair transplant along with the result from the blood plasma based procedure he had at the same time. He was only two months out from his procedures and he was already seeing some strong improvements, more so than what would be considered average at two months. Most patients don't see any improvements till three or four months!

In this result video I point out the areas that were treated with blood plasma and those that were treated with FUE only. Both areas I highlight exhibit improvements and the great thing is that the patient is documenting every week with photos so hopefully Arocha Hair Restoration will be able to put together a montage of his photos to show his progression.


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