Drones & Hair Loss Concealers Review – Hair Transplant Class #005

Hair loss concealers review with a drone. Why didn't anyone think of this before? It is the perfect matchup of technology with hair restoration and hair loss documentation. Well, I guess I had to do something first AGAIN! Yes, I bring you the world's first 4K Ultra HD hair loss concealers review using the latest in drone technology. This is Hair Transplant Class #005.

In this class I put together a collection of the most popular hair loss concealers on the market. I then try each one, showing the application and what is involved and then I take the party into the studio for proper comparison video, side by side, to compare each product with my untouched, no concealer normal self. We then take it outside where my drone, that shoots excellent 4k video, shows us a bird's eye view of what the result looks like outside for this hair loss concealers review. For those that are wondering, I did look at getting Caboki into this hair loss concealers review but for some reason it was going to take six weeks to get it shipped. I simply don't have that kind of time.

Here are my thoughts about each product in this hair loss concealers review but I encourage you to watch the video to get a better perspective of what I'm talking about. First up is Toppik Spray. I've used a similar product in the past but it was over twenty years ago and it was a product that I had to order from a late night infomercial by dialing a phone, that was plugged into a wall. This ancient device would carry an electric signal with my voice to another human that would enter my order and then ship the product to me. It was well before one could order anything on the web as the proper web hadn't even been invented yet. Toppik Spray shoots out a powerful blast of hair coloring goodness and quickly covers the problem area. It also covers anything within a five meter radius since the aerosol nature of the product disperses just as much product into the air as it does on your scalp. It may be a good product for some that need a lot of area covered in a short amount of time but I'm not a fan of this product. I think that the dynamics of this product and how it's applied makes the result the least natural of all the products I tested. It not only covers the scalp but it covers my hair, too, so it covers the "salt" which makes my hair look normal and natural.

Dermatch was the second item tested in this hair loss concealers review and it blew Toppik Spray out of the water. This product is a fantastic option for "painting your head" and it makes so much more sense to me now. I always wondered why it was popular but the strength of this product lies in the fact that it applies to the scalp, not the hair, so any variations in your hair color remains unaffected but the improvement is still so much that you don't really look like you're thinning. It comes with a small applicator, which I wasn't found of, but you can buy larger form applicators as any drug store in the makeup section (that's what my wife told).

Courvre' was the third product I tested and it too was a solid performer. The concept is the same as Dermatch as it applies to the scalp, not the hair, but it is in a liquid form so it spreads around much easier. However, I feel that there is too much waste to get the amount of coverage that I think is worthwhile so that alone is was kept it from the winner's circle. I do realize that with experience there may not be so much waste but this review was coming from a newbie perspective, which I can easily supply, since I never have used any of these products except for the next contender. Couvre' does come with a sponge applicator that is about three to four times larger than that provided by Dematch so that's a big plus.

Toppik fibers is the one product I am familiar with but after this test I realized I wasn't as familiar with it as I thought I was. I put on WAY too much to get the desired effect and it too, just like the Toppik Spray, went EVERYWHERE in my washroom. I could literally slide on my feet because of how it coated the floor and of course it got on my neck and my shirt as I was combing it out to spread it around. It also turned out clumpy after I applied it which is why I combed it out to begin with and therein lies one of it's multiple weaknesses. I was also surprised how thin the result looked once I shot video outdoors with my drone.

After the Toppik fibers I decided to halt the review for two reasons. First, the sun was going down fast and it had reached the point where the light was going to be reduced too much to keep the comparison relatively fair. Second, I know that most fiber based concealers are the same product, all sourced from China, so I decided that I didn't want to waste my time. You can go to Alibaba.com right now and you can buy your own concealer fibers for pennies on the dollar. It's very cheap so if fiber based hair loss concealers are your thing, save money and order it direct. You can even slap your own label on the bottles (or have the factory do it for you) and sell it yourself. It's easy.

So this is my first ever product review and the first hair loss product review in the world to use a 4K drone for footage. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please "like" the video and make a comment in the comments section.

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