Dr. Özlem Biçer Hair Transplant Surgeon

I’ve been following Dr.Özlem Biçer’s hair transplant career in Turkey since she first applied to be a Hair Transplant Mentor™ member in January, 2020. I don’t recall exactly how she contacted me but we began discussing her application at that time. The application process is rather time consuming and involves more than me simply looking at photos or asking the opinion of others. I’ve discussed this before and explained that I have to dig in to find out what I need to know about hair transplant clinics that apply for membership.

Because I wasn’t traveling during this time I wasn’t able to see what I needed in order to admit Dr. Biçer at that time. It wasn’t because of anything that was bad and she was receiving glowing reviews from her patients and I wasn’t really able to find anything negative that was of consequence. The reason why I couldn’t accept her at the time was because her photographs and videos of patient results were too dark. I just couldn’t see the details I need to see to develop a clear opinionof her work. Thus began the collaboration behind the scenes to improve her documentation. I made camera recommendations and discussed techniques and of course lighting but because of the pandemic our discussions about her application and the work to improve her documentation waned. We kept in touch during the pandemic and had a lot of great conversations, but the application itself was on hold.

That all changed in 2022 when the world began to re-open and Dr. Biçer wished to revisit her application. Of course I was happy to do so and I had noticed her documentation had improved, but it still wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be. The good news is that I was now free to travel to Turkey so in June, 2022 I packed my bags and visited Istanbul, Turkey, the world capital of hair transplant surgery, for the third time. What did I find at the Turkish hair transplant clinic of Dr. Özlem Biçer? A very quaint clinic designed to feel welcoming and warm for each patient. Her staff is all smiles and extremely attentive. While I was there I was offered more tea than I’ve had in a year, lol! But what stood out more than anything was the focus on the patient. It seemed like every discussion I had with Dr. Özlem Biçer the focus would return to, or at least include, some discussion about her patients, or patient care, or something to do with patient well being. Dr. Özlem Biçer is very proud of her patient focused clinic and how she is not only licensed as a clinic, which is not the case for all hair transplant clinics in Turkey, but that each surgical team member is also a licensed medical profession under the Turkish medical system. This is impressive and goes to show that she takes patient care and proper medical protocols very seriously.

Dr. Özlem Biçer has a long hair transplant career, having started in 1998. One of the things I like about Dr. Özlem Biçer is that she isn’t focused on only one type of hair transplant surgery in Turkey nor on one technique. As she says in one of my interviews with her, she likes to stay on top of what is new in the industry, evaluate any new methods that she can learn and incorporate them into her practice for the benefit of her patients. She can and does perform manual FUE but she also uses a variety of motorized FUE systems based on what she feels is best for the patient of the day. Dr. Özlem Biçer also maintains that follicular unit strip surgery is still an important option to consider for some patients as the benefits of FUT vs. FUE can still be exploited for the best possible surgical outcomes.

Speaking of surgical outcomes, I was pleased to meet several of her patients when I was at her clinic. One was fresh out of surgery from the previous day and it was nice to know what was it that convinced him to fly all the way from Taiwan to meet Dr. Özlem Biçer and have his hair transplant surgery with her. I was also able to see a patient with a full result that was local in Istanbul and I was also able to meet a patient that was from Germany but happened to be in Istanbul with his wife for reasons completely unrelated to his hair transplant. This was ideal as it wasn’t a cherry picked result that Dr. Biçer and her team picked for me to view in order to make sure I only saw her best work. Suffice it to say, I was impressed with the work and final result that I was able to see which helped to confirm what I had already suspected about her work. It looks very natural and would be difficult for anyone to recognize as being a surgical result instead of one created by Mother Nature.

Dr. Özlem Biçer believes in the doctor patient relationship. This is why she maintains that one surgery a day is the only way to give her patients the best possible care. Her team that supports her have all been with her for many years and they too share the same philosophy to make sure the patient is taken care of in the best possible way.

I’m happy to grant Dr. Özlem Biçer Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member status as I feel she is a solid consideration for anyone looking for a reliable and caring hair restoration specialist that knows what it takes to create a natural and realistic looking hair transplant result. If you decide to consider Dr. Özlem Biçer for your own hair restoration needs, tell her if my review was of any help. I’m sure she’d love to know.

Dr. Özlem Biçer has passed my rigorous review process before being given Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member status. The review process is based on my own high standards based on over twenty years of working with world class clinics. Once accepted, every Hair Transplant Mentor™ member clinic pays a monthly retainer fee for membership and my services.

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