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belgium fueI'm happy to announce the next doctor joining the Hair Transplant Mentor™team, Belgium FUE hair transplant doctor Dr. Emorane Lupanzula from Brussels. I had the pleasure of first meeting Dr. Lupanzula in Istanbul Turkey during the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop. Dr. Lupanzula was on the faculty of the Workshop and was a participating surgeon as invited by the organizers of the event. It was here that I was able to witness Dr. Lupanzula in action where he demonstrated his surgical techniques and how he performs FUE. Dr. Lupanzula also performs high quality FUSS procedures in his clinic, "Medikemos", in Brussles Belgium. Being asked to be on faculty at such a prestigious workshop and to demonstrate one's surgical technique means Dr. Lupanzula has some serious credibility. There is something about Belgium FUE hair transplant doctors and the quality of work being done there as three of the eight faculty members were from Belgium.

belgium fue hair transplant
Dr. Lupanzula giving one of his presentations at the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.

As you will read in Dr. Emorane Lupanzula's doctor profile page, I think Dr. Lupanzula is a doctor that has an almost emotional investment in the field of hair restoration. This stems from his introduction to a burn victim that had most of his facial and scalp hair burned off in 2004. This was the catalyst for inspiring Dr. Lupanzula to become a Belgium FUE hair transplant doctor and to begin training and eventually offer surgical hair restoration. What I'm learning as I progress in the world of independent doctor representation is that the passion a doctor exudes about his craft when we first meet is indicative to me of what I will discover about the doctor as a person. I've met several doctors that asked to be considered for representation and when I start interviewing and learning about the doctor I have learned that those that do not show an obvious passion up front most likely won't meet the standards I require in order to work with them. You see, what I'm looking for are people that I'm actually comfortable working with. I'm looking for doctors that if I had to choose one doctor to go to work for, they would be one that I'd choose. In order for me to work for someone I have to like them. I have to get along with them and I can't do that if I don't believe in what they're doing as a doctor. For instance, they have to wear surgical masks. They have to exercise basic surgical safety prototols that far too often get overlooked due to laziness, complacency or due to local regulations not mandating specific standards. Doctors should know better than to try and get away with "just enough" to skirt minimum requirements and I've seen the consequences of such wanton arrogance. I want to work with doctors that go above and beyond what local regulations require and that do more to insure the safest surgical environment possible. Belgium FUE hair translant doctor Dr. Lupanzula told me that "surgery is surgery, no matter the type or size wound that is being worked on. Safe surgical protocols should always be used no matter what as the patient safety should always be the number one priority. This is what we are all trained to understand as doctors and we should never forget that." THIS is the type of attitude I require in doctors I work with and that is just the beginning. Dr. Lupanzula truly "gets it" when it comes to doing things right which I think speaks volumes about the man.

Belgium FUE Hair Transplant

belgium FUE
Dr. Lupanzula showing his FUE technique during the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop in Istanbul

During our time in Istanbul I not only got to speak with Dr. Lupanzual on multiple occasions but I also was able to get a preview of his surgical abilities first hand. This was one of the reasons why he was a member of the Workshop faculty as the organizers wished for him to share his techniques and to help educate the newer doctors that were in attendance. There were over 250 doctors and technical support staff at this Workshop so it was quite a feat to be able to perform surgery with a contstant flow of people being directed in and out of the four operating rooms. Belgium FUE hair transplant doctor Dr. Lupanzula was able to communicate his points, answer questions and educate everyone in attendance all while performing a beautiful and clean FUE procedure for his patient. Dr. Lupanzula scored and extracted each of the grafts himself and made all of the incisions. He also assisted the technicians in placing the grafts so he could describe the approach to placement that he and his technicians use back in Brussels at their clinic, Medikemos. This was a part of the overall Workshop as not only extraction techniques were discussed and demonstrated but placement techniques were shared as well.

Since we both left Istanbul we have been in regular contact where I sent him a questionaire to fill out and I spoke to some of his patients. I like speaking to patients because I get to run ideas by them to see if they think my ideas would have helped during any part of their interaction with the clinic I am screening. I use their feedback when I discuss ideas with the clinic as it helps to reinforce my own instincts when it comes to patient care. In speaking with Belgium FUE hair translant doctor Dr. Lupanzula about these issues he feels that the suggestions I've made thus far will help his practice to improve their already strong patient services program. That is another thing about Dr. Lupanzula that I like. He has a good program but he is not interested in closing off the possibility of making things better. In fact, he has already made some changes based on my suggestions, and I've not even been to his clinic yet.

hair transplant belgium

I expect good things from my collaboration with Belgium FUE hair transplant doctor Dr. Lupanzula and I think he is already a solid option for surgical hair restoration, even being in a region that is already considered to be the home of the best hair transplant surgeons in Europe. If you are in the UK or Europe, I see no reason why you should not give Dr. Lupanzula a hard look before you make your final decision. I think he's worth your consideration.

On Saturday August 8th, 2015 I'll be hopping on a plane, again, to fly to Belgium, again, and I'll get to see Dr. Lupanzula's clinic first hand. Stay tuned for a full tour, complete with footage of surgery, patient, doctor and maybe staff interviews, and of course in true Hair Transplant Mentor™ fashion, I'll document the journey itself.

Onwards and upwards!

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