Dr. Bisanga Recommends Tricopigmentation

When considering hair restoration you should always keep your options open and look at anyone that catches your eye. No matter whom I work with I'll always say this because I don't believe that any single list is responsible for making decisions for anyone. They're a good place to start but nothing more. Another thing you should consider is when doctors recommend treatments even when they don't offer them themselves.

Take for instance Dr. Christian Bisanga of Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Bisanga has a great reputation and he's certainly got some loyal patients. There is no question he has worked hard for his reputation over the years. I obviously can't say I know of his quality first hand because I've never been to his clinic but I have met many of his patients and I did get to meet him at the ISHRS conference in Chicago in 2015. He seems like a nice man. So it is with interest that I see Dr. Bisanga now recommends tricopigmentation at Prohair Clinic which is roughly one hour north of Brussels.

Why is this a big deal? Well, Dr. Bisanga is the last of the Brussels Four to recommend SMP and tricopigmentation specifically. Dr. Bisanga may not offer the procedure himself but he is now an official supporter of the procedure and recommends my friends at Prohair Clinic in Heist op den Berg Belgium.

"I really recommend and endorse tricopigmentation from Prohair Clinic" - Dr. Christian Bisanga


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