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Alvi Armani Clinic

Los Angeles hair transplant options are growing by the day, and for good reason. Los Angeles, California has long been credited for influencing American culture, and indirectly western culture as a whole, since the early 20th century when film and television began permeating our homes. With that came the glamour of Hollywood and the drive for physical perfection, for better or for worse. That is why when most people think of cosmetic surgery they think of Los Angeles, and more specifically, Beverly Hills. This means that to be successful in Beverly Hills you have to be on top of your game but the basics for how to operate a successful cosmetic surgery do not change no matter where a clinic is located.
This means that on top of having great results on a consistent basis a clinic must also exhibit an understanding of how to take care of their patient. There has to be a base level of empathy that is among the technicians, the office staff and of course the doctor or doctors in the practice. There has to be a genuine concern for how a patient is taken care of after having their hair transplant procedure in addition to before and during their hair transplant procedure. This is why I’m happy to be able to recommend the Alvi Armani hair restoration clinic in Beverly Hills, California.
First, a bit about the background of the Alvi Armani clinic. It was first opened in Toronto Canada by Dr. Alvi Armani. From the late 1990s and into the 2000’s Dr. Armani pushed the Alvi Armani clinic to be recognized as one of the top hair restoration destinations on a global scale. Eventually the clinic was moved to Beverly Hills and taken over by Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi. Dr. Baubac continued the tradition of excellence expected by patients of the Alvi Armani clinic and pushed the the industry further forward with his own interpretation of what it means to create dense and natural hairlines and to exploit the full potential of the hair transplant donor zone. Now the clinic is moving forward with Dr. Michale Hughes. Dr. Hughes has received the full support and training in the Alvi Armani tradition and is proving to be worthy of the Alvi Armani banner.

A Los Angeles Hair Transplant Artist

As a Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, Alvi Armani performs only follicular unit graft procedures on a daily basis and this leads to why I think they’re an interesting Los Angeles hair transplant clinic to consider. When I was speaking with Dr. Baubac about his practice several years ago I learned that the clinic is very particular with regards to who perform the FUE extractions. This is a big deal to me and while it isn’t a requirement to be a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner clinic it certainly does help to see such dedication. While technically, I believe it is illegal for non-doctors to perform hair transplant surgery in California I understand that it still happens, even in the Los Angeles hair transplant market. But what is interesting about this is that while the Alvi Armani clinic is an FUE only clinic, they have incorporated facets of the FUSS procedure into their FUE procedures. What I’m referring to is the use of stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. Why is this important? Well, it is a point I’ll be discussing in ongoing Hair Transplant Class series of videos where I will educate you about what makes a “natural” hairline. What I’ve observed for the past few years is that as FUE becomes more and more popular I’m seeing the quality of work and what is considered to be “natural” decline overall when compared to work that was being produced ten years ago. The advantage of using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes, as introduced by Dr. Limmer over twenty years ago, is that the grafts that are being extracted can be properly viewed by the technicians to discern whether or not that single hair follicular unit really is a single hair follicular unit. Most FUE only clinics do not use microscopes and because of this their hairlines are pluggy. They will have many more multi-hair grafts in the hairline than would have been found with a proper FUSS procedure. I find this to be an important part of any hair transplant procedure to insure a natural result.

"I get a familiarity with the patient's hair that I don't think you can get if you aren't performing the entire procedure yourself." - Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi

The Alvi Armani clinic of course goes beyond the use of microscopes to get natural results. I was told that they don’t understand how a doctor and team can properly perform an FUE hair transplant surgery and get the most natural results possible if the doctor isn’t doing the surgical aspect of the procedure him or herself. To expand on this, they feel that when they are making the overall plan for the procedure they give specific thought to the size of the graft that will go into each area of the hairline and wherever else the grafts are to be placed. This in turn dictates how many grafts they will extract that are single hair follicular units, doubles, triples, etc. This helps them to understand the canvas, so to speak, as they’re making the incisions for the grafts to be placed into. It also helps to be a hair geek and from speaking with the clinic I have come away with the impression that they really enjoy not only the science of hair restoration but the artistic side of it as well. This is reflected with the work they do as seen in the many videos and photos found on their website.
Hair transplant education is very important to the Alvi Armani clinic and we share many of the same ideas and philosophies when it comes to what makes a good hair restoration candidate. The clinic is a big believer in the use of medication to maintain a patient’s existing hair and how this can affect the long term plan for how any procedures are to be performed. When the Alvi Armani clinic has patients coming in to inquire about Los Angeles hair transplant options they’ll oftentimes turn them away if they feel they are not ready for a procedure or have not taken the time to understand the long term necessities that are involved with surgical hair restoration.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Consistency

I think that the way you treat your staff is a big part of how everyone works together to insure that everyone involved with the procedure has a strong desire to do the best work they can. I think it speaks volumes that every one of the Alvi Armani clinical staff have been with the clinic for many years. Several of the staff have been with the clinic since 2010 after several years of performing high quality FUSS in addition to FUE. This makes the Los Angeles hair transplant team at Alvi Armani one of the more experienced FUE only teams around. This also helps to insure that there is a strong consistency with the work being performed as having a rotating roster of technicians due to a poor work environment only hurts the patients in the long term. This is one of the things I look for in clinics I consider working with and Los Angeles hair transplant clinic Alvi Armani shares the same philosophy.
I’ve also discussed at length the measures they go to to insure the safest environment possible for their patients. If you’re a regular reader of this website you know that this is a big deal for me when I’m evaluating new clinics that wish to become a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner. The Alvi Armani clinic has designed a proper internal protocol for infection control during the procedure but also for after the patient leaves so that there are no surprises during the recovery period. And speaking of the recovery period, the Los Angeles hair transplant clinic of Alvi Armani have made patient care after the procedure a strong priority in their day to day operations. I don’t like hearing about patients that can’t get in touch with their clinic after they’ve had their procedure or that haven’t heard from their clinic in many months. This is another big deal for me that I look out for and Alvi Armani addresses this area very well.

Beyond The Basics

I like what I’ve learned when doing my research about Alvi Armani Los Angeles hair transplant clinic. They want to make sure that everything about the experience with their clinic is as good as it can be. It helps also to know that the consultants are hair transplant patients as well so they know what it is like to have a hair transplant and they understand not only the excitement of having the procedure but they also can empathize with the trauma of losing hair and having to do the research necessary to get it back. The Alvi Armani clinic is an accepted member of the IAHRS, which is a core requirement for Hair Transplant Mentor™ consideration, and they obviously have the results that propel them to the top of the list of your Los Angeles hair transplant options.
With everything I’ve seen so far and after having spent hours speaking with the clinic management I’m happy to say I finally have a Los Angeles hair transplant clinic that I can recommend for my readers that are looking for a solution to their hair loss problems in Southern California. To see and learn more about the Alvi Armani Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, visit them online at www.alviarmani.com.


For 2019 I’ve decided to take another look at the Alvi Armani clinic. The update is below…