If you still need to contact me, there are some ground rules I’ve laid out to be as efficient as possible.

  1. While I have a lot of high level clinical experience, I’m not a doctor, so anything I tell you is based on my own experiences in the industry since 2002.
  2. Do NOT ask me about Proscar, Propecia, Dutasteride or minoxidil or hair loss medications in general. There is SO much information that I’ve shared online that I refer you to my Youtube Channel.
  3. Try to avoid using AOL or Hotmail email accounts. If you do, your form will likely wind up in my spam box.
  4. I can’t engage in back and forth discussions after I’ve answered your questions so get all of your questions in the first time.
  5. Do not fill out the form and ask me to email you. Simply enter the questions in the form below and I’ll respond to you when I can. Make your questions direct and succinct.
  6. Do not ask me which doctor “is the best”. Each hair transplant doctor that is discussed and listed on this website have passed my very rigorous membership standards
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