Chicago FUE Hair Transplant

Chicago FUE Hair Transplant? What does Chicago have to do with this post? Well, I've completed the edit of part 4 of the hair transplant documentary series featuring Dr. Ron Shapiro and the team at Shapiro Medical and it should benefit not just Minneapolis FUE hair transplant patients but Chicago FUE hair transplant patients as well. Why? Because Dr. Ron and the team are really close to Chicago which is where many of their patients come from.

Chicago FUE hair transplant
You can see the undulating pattern in the hairline. This was started by Dr. Ron Shapiro.

Chicago FUE Hair Transplant

I've been excited about putting this video together because it is one of the rare times that Dr. Ron Shapiro has been on camera while making one of his famous hairlines. What a lot of people don't know is that Dr. Ron is basically the originator of how to approach hairline design from an artistic and, more importantly, a natural consideration. I've spoken to many hair transplant doctors and even ones I've worked for have credited Dr. Ron as being the inspiration for their own approach to hairline naturalness. Dr. Ron was the first surgeon recognized for breaking up the almost linear appearance of transplanted hairlines by being consistently inconsistent with the frontal single hairs during placement. An undulating "sawtooth" approach is how some have described it but it is more random and soft than that in reality.

Dr. Ron has been invited to conferences worldwide because of this and other innovations in the approach to how surgical hair restoration should be performed. Watching Dr. Ron build the hairline on the patient in today's video helped me to understand his approach and it makes complete sense.

Chicago hair transplant patients are lucky to have Dr. Ron so close as half of his patients come from outside of the Midwest and from other countries. I know now why in the past Dr. Ron and the team at Shapiro Medical have always been such formidable yet friendly competitors to the clinics I've worked for. Their reputation is based in reality.

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