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atlanta hair transplant One of the things I really enjoy about being the Hair Transplant Mentor™ is that I get to meet new doctors that maybe you haven't heard about or haven't known much about while doing your research. However, I think it's great when a real, legitimate pioneer steps forward to be a part of what I do. This only reinforces that the message I push makes sense. Surgery is a last resort, and the doctors I work with agree with me. This means that patients that eventually decide to have a procedure, will most likely be better educated. One world class Atlanta hair transplant specialist agrees with me, and that doctor is Dr. John Cole of the Forhair clinic.

Atlanta Hair Transplant Options, And Worldwide

Atlanta hair transplant patients have known about Dr. Cole for over twenty years. Aside from the Atlanta hair transplant market, Dr. Cole and the Forhair clinic have been world famous for nearly as long, mainly due to Dr. Cole's pioneering work with FUE. I've never liked the term "pioneer" when it comes to hair transplant surgery. It is a description often overused for marketing. However, there are a few REAL pioneers in the field. I'm happy to have a few already as members of Hair Transplant Mentor™ and Dr. John Cole only adds to my list of impressive members. How is Dr. Cole a legitimate pioneer in the hair transplant industry? He was the first Atlanta hair transplant doctor to transition to full time FUE. He was also the first to transition in all of North America and one of the first in the world. THAT is a real pioneer.


Worldwide FUE Pioneer

Dr. Cole jumped into FUE head first immediately after he learned about it. The inventor of modern FUE wasn't very forthcoming with his methods so Dr. Cole and other early FUE pioneers had to start from scratch. At first they were all using standard medical punches. Dr. Cole realized that big improvements were needed to reduce transection rates and to improve overall yields to match FUT. Dr. Cole was already a very skilled FUT surgeon so he already knew the value of using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. They're necessary for creating proper single hair grafts for the hairline, temples and temple points. This was a basic fundamental in the early 2000's that seems to have been forgotten and lost today by most newer clinics.

Atlanta Hair Transplant FUE Development

atlanta hair transplant fueDr. Cole spent many of his early years in FUE experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what FUE could do. patients know Dr. Cole for his results. His colleagues know him for developing some of the most useful and innovative FUE hair transplant tools in the industry. His "CIT" manual FUE punch handle is widely considered to be the best FUE punch handle in the world. The list of his developments, patents and inventions is lengthy, but I think his status as a "pioneer" is well established.

Obviously, Atlanta hair transplant patients have a great resource in their backyard when it comes to incredibly natural results for their hair transplant needs, but a large percentage of Dr. Cole's patients fly in from around the world seeking his hair transplant expertise. For as long as I've known Dr. Cole and have been aware of his clinic, he has been one of the most consistent hair restoration physicians on the planet and I'm happy to have him on board as the latest Hair Transplant Mentor™ supported doctor.

If you're interested in learning more about the Forhair clinic, check out the video below regarding my thoughts about his skills and of course feel free to contact the clinic directly if you'd like to know more about what your options are with one of the most experienced FUE hair restoration specialists in the world.

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