Dr. Sharon Keene

I first met Arizona hair transplant specialist Dr. Sharon Keene in 2015 during the 23rd annual ISRS World Congress in Chicago, Illinois. I had already known about Dr. Keene for many years from the earliest days of my career. It was great to finally shake her hand and talk about our mutual interests in the hair transplant field. This is when I learned about her passion for patient education. I realized that she’s determined to do what she can to keep patients safe. This includes her own patients in Arizona and patients everywhere. She has used her sizeable influence within the ISHRS to push patient education to the forefront of what the ISHRS is focusing on even today.

Dr. Keene is Unique

I’ll come out and say up front that Dr. Keene is a unique hair restoration physician, in several ways. It goes without saying that as a woman she is in the minority as the industry is primarily made up of male hair transplant doctors. At the time of this writing she is also the only legitimate female Arizona hair transplant physician that focuses ONLY on hair transplant surgery. If you hear of any other female hair transplant doctor in Arizona she is most likely not even performing the hair transplant. This is a growing problem that Dr. Keene has been trying to address through strong patient education and general public awareness. Dr. Keene is even more unique in that she has risen to the top of the ranks of the hair restoration field with her incredible involvement on all levels of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. She was named President of the ISHRS for 2014-2015 and is one of two women to have held the title. Her uniqueness does not stop there.

Hair Restoration Dedication

Dr. Keene is one of the few hair transplant doctors that does almost all of the hair transplant procedure herself. This is extremely rare and is a testament to how seriously she views hair transplant surgery. When performing FUT hair transplants, she removes the strip and her highly trained technicians use stereoscopic dissecting microscopes (the right way) to separate the follicular units into their proper groupings. This consists of singles, doubles, triples and quads. She then makes all of the recipient site incisions herself AND places most of the grafts herself. Any technician that places grafts only does so under her direct supervision.

When performing FUE in her Tucson, Arizona clinic Dr. Keene alone performs all of the FUE excisions. She makes the recipient site incisions and, again, places most of the grafts. Her technicians inspect and refine the follicular units from FUE using microscopes just like they do during FUT hair transplant surgery. This kind of dedication and experience is not found anywhere else in Arizona and is only found in a few clinics worldwide. This is a truly impressive hair transplant work ethic and is one of the reasons why she is Hair Transplant Mentor™ material.

Personal Service

Another unique aspect of Dr. Keene’s clinic is that she limits her caseload to only one patient per day. The only exception to this would be if there was a small eyebrow case, or something similar in size. These smaller surgeries can usually be performed on the same day as a larger surgery without being too much for her and the team. This is a great point to consider when having your hair transplant because when you’re likely going to be the only patient in the clinic, and the entire clinic is only concerned about your case. You can’t ask for any more dedication than that!

She's Inventive

And if her methods and ideology aren’t impressive enough, she also designs new and innovative hair transplant instrumentation. Dr. Keene designed a system in 2003 that projects the image of grafts being dissected onto a large screen so that hair transplant doctors can monitor what the technicians are doing in real time. This allows the doctor, and the patient as well, to monitor every aspect of the procedure. She’s also designed an innovative graft holder that ensures consistent hydration of grafts while they’re waiting to be implanted into the scalp. Dr. Keene also helped to develop the first DNA test designed to predict the probability of androgenic alopecia in patients that have yet to lose any hair. Dr. Keene has performed research into learning which patients can benefit from using Propecia. She also led a pilot study to determine the efficacy of Propecia for post-menopausal women.

Dr. Keene is also a published, most likely more than any other Arizona hair transplant doctor with many of her works published in national medical journals. There are simply too many publications to list here but you can learn more on her website https://www.hairrestore.com. Finally, Dr. Keene is a member in good standing with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, which is one of the basic requirements to be a Hair Transplant Mentor™ clinic. I think that if you’re serious about finding a hair transplant doctor in Arizona, it is a no brainer to consider Dr. Keene. In fact, I think she should be a part of anyone’s list in North America.

Dr. Sharon Keene has passed my rigorous review process before being given Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member status. The review process is based on my own high standards based on over twenty years of working with world class clinics. Once accepted, every Hair Transplant Mentor™ member clinic pays a monthly retainer fee for membership and my services.

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