After Hair Transplant Surgery

Here is a little side by side by side progress photo to show you the changes that occurred to my appearance after hair transplant surgery over the course of ten years. The change overall has been absolutely incredible for me. I stopped worrying about the naturalness of my hair after hair transplant surgery #1 but after hair transplant surgery #’s 2, 3 and 4 everything was propelled into the stratosphere for me. My hair is the last thing on my mind when I go out in public because I look natural for a man my age. In fact, I look like I have more hair than most men my age so it helps to make me look younger.

I’m often asked if I would go through all of my surgeries again and I think the answer is no. Don’t misunderstand, I love the results and I would not change anything about my experiences but I think that knowing how head shaving is not only acceptable in today’s society but is actually encouraged in some situations I believe I would have been perfectly fine just shaving my head. I have a good head shape for it and when I shaved my head the year before my first hair transplant I really liked the look. But being a young kid I didn’t have the confidence to rock the shaved look and it wasn’t socially deemed to be an acceptable hair style for anyone other than skin head punk rockers. However, I would definitely go through my repair procedures again simply because I had no choice. I had to get fixed and I would not change the way I did it for the world. It has made me a stronger person and I like to think I can appreciate the smaller things in life because of it.