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Vancouver Hair Transplant Surgery – In India?

vancouver hair transplant

One of the distinguishing factors that set Vancouver apart from other parts of the world, aside from its natural beauty, is the lack of Vancouver hair transplant clinics. There are very few Vancouver hair transplant options because of local regulations that make it difficult for clinics to open. When Vancouver hair transplant options aren't viable, patients travel to find the hair transplant clinic that best suits their needs. Many of these patients travel to India to have their hair transplant surgery. When they do, they usually travel to Eugenix Hair … read more

Hair Transplant India – Meet Dr. Sethi in Toronto

hair transplant in india

Dr. Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix Hair Sciences in Mumbai and New Delhi India will be in Toronto Canada on March 12th and March 13th, 2020. You may have learned about Dr. Sethi and his wife, Dr. Arika Bansal, on my Youtube channel where I gave them an overwhelmingly positive review. I gladly accepted them to the Hair Transplant Mentor™ group of exceptional hair restoration specialists.

There is a reason why I feel they’re a fantastic choice, and not simply because of their generally lower cost. If price were not considered, … read more