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ARTAS Restoration Robotics Class Action Lawsuit

ARTAS lawsuit

Well this came out of nowhere. Restoration Robotics, the manufacturer of the ARTAS robotic hair restoration system, is now the subject of a class action lawsuit that claims misleading information was given to potential investors. In fact, the claim is that "untrue statements" were given prior to the initial public offering and this inflated the stock price, which was at roughly seven dollars a share. Since the IPO, Restoration Robotics has fallen to a 52 week low of 2.61 but is currently in the mid three dollar range with some … read more

The Maitland Clinic Consultations-August 3rd, 2018

hair transplant liverpool

Mr. David Anderson of The Maitland Clinic in Portsmouth and London is going to be in Liverpool on August 3rd, 2018. David will be available for exclusive one on one consultations, on behalf of Dr. Edward Ball, to help you sort your hair restoration needs. David Anderson is one of the foremost hair restoration consultants in the world due to the fact that he is one of the few consultants that will try to talk you out of having hair restoration surgery if it is not a suitable option. This … read more

London Consultations With Dr. Lupanzula July 14, 2018

If you're in London, will be in London, or are close enough to London that you can travel there in a reasonable amount of time without too much difficulty, I highly suggest you contact the office of Dr. Emorane Lupanzula at Medikemos Hair Restoration to inquire about seeing Dr. Lupanzula for a consultation. He'll be in London on Saturday, July 14th for an entire day of personal one on one hair loss and hair restoration consultations. What I like about Dr. Lupanzula's consultations is that he spends a LOT of … read more