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Electrolysis Hair Transplant Repair?

Have you ever seen an electrolysis hair transplant repair? Part 4 of the hair transplant documentary series highlighting Dr. Jerry Cooley of Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina is now live.

In my career I have had the question presented probably a hundred times if not more. I would be sitting there with the patient, or on the phone if they were from out of the country, and talking to them about their hair transplant repair. It would be the same thing, over and over; a hairline that was so … read more

Hair Loss Treatments – A Review of a Review

It is guaranteed that you already know that hair loss treatments, and the marketing that comes with it, is an absolute travesty of human nature. For decades, and even centuries, man has played on the fears and low self esteem of others by promising luscious locks of hair, and the rewards it brings with it, through the use of various lotions, potions and gadgets that are of course never free. This is true in many aspects of life but the market occupied by the hair loss sufferer has been a … read more

1st Annual World FUE Institute Worshop

The FUE workshop. This is the most powerful annual meeting that any hair restoration doctor would want to be a part of. There are a lot of changes happening as has been the case for the past few years, both good and bad and one of the highlights has been how FUE has overtaken FUSS as the dominant and preferred method of surgical hair restoration worldwide which in and of itself has an upside and a downside. I could talk for hours about this subject alone but the upside is … read more

FUE Transection Rates

I love this video I shot of Dr. Lupanzula for two reasons. The first reason is because I really enjoyed filming Dr. Lupanzula in action. His skills with hand held manual FUE extraction are phenomenal and he really knows what he's doing. It was a real joy watching him in action. The second reason is because the video gives me the opportunity to teach you about something you most likely have never heard of; what it means when you hear about FUE transection rates.

FUE transection rates are not … read more

My PRP Results

One of the most frequent emails I've received this year is from people asking about  how my PRP results from Dr. Cooley has turned out. I learned that a LOT of people are interested in my PRP results because obviously people are always looking for new options in the follicular fight. Well, the wait is over so you can now see my PRP results at five months (which is early) and my thoughts on the experience.

PRP for hair loss is a controversial issue and it has been since it … read more