What Happened To My Old Grafts?

A recent emailer asked me if my old grafts were removed in my first or subsequent surgeries with Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong actually incorporated my old grafts into the overall design with the understanding that the old grafts were not so low as to impede the natural results from the new work. Had they been lower than they were then most definitely they would have to have been removed.

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2 Responses to “What Happened To My Old Grafts?”
  1. NASER ALNASER says:

    I congratulate you for this great web site. Since i ever had a hair trasnplant and read many blogs, i didnt a clearer idea than the day i discovered your blog, very understanding, its like hair transplant for dummies. great job. you are a one in a million. thanks for making me discover about the lateral technique, its amazing as they say less for more. At last we can achieve great densities with less grafts. Dr Wong is genius indeed.

  2. jotronic says:


    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you have learned something from my blog, which was the whole point of starting it nine years ago. Keep coming back as I update it, at least with other results, weekly.

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