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ISHRS Conference 2013-San Francisco

This is an ISHRS Conference report from an earlier version of before the site went down and many articles were lost. I was able to find this article in an old backup archive so I am reposting here. A few notes about this writeup. As I read through what I had written two years ago it gives me a chuckle because so much has changed since. I'll be going to the 2015 ISHRS Conference in Chicago so it will be interesting to see whether or not my perceptions are read more

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula-Brussels Belgium FUE

belgium fue

I'm happy to announce the next doctor joining the Hair Transplant Mentor™team, Belgium FUE hair transplant doctor Dr. Emorane Lupanzula from Brussels. I had the pleasure of first meeting Dr. Lupanzula in Istanbul Turkey during the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop. Dr. Lupanzula was on the faculty of the Workshop and was a participating surgeon as invited by the organizers of the event. It was here that I was able to witness Dr. Lupanzula in action where he demonstrated his surgical techniques and how he performs FUE. Dr. Lupanzula also … read more

FUE Clinics in Turkey

I have so much video footage from my first trip to Istanbul that it is a bit overwhelming. The time involved just to sift through the footage to remind myself of what I have takes a very long time and I have to review each clip multiple times to make sure I want to use it. I had planned on starting in with some surgical footage today for my latest edit but I came across some footage that I felt was more important. There is a very big problem with … read more

Dr. Karadeniz FUE Conference Interview

dr. karadeniz

Dr. Karadeniz is the first doctor I started working with since I've gone independent and as I get to know him better it becomes more and more apparent that I made a fanstastic decision to take him on. He's very intelligent and he is one of those people that just get it which makes him a real pleasure to deal with. When I went back to Istanbul for the second time in four weeks it was to attend the 2015 3rd Annual Mediterranean Workshop hosted by Dr. Koray Erdogan and … read more

Dr. Ron Shapiro FUE Interview #1

This is not part of my hair transplant documentary series but when I was in Istanbul for the 2015 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop I tried to take advantage of the opportunity and interview some doctors that I know. It was really busy and while I got some verbal commitments from Dr. Cole, Dr. Lorenzo, Dr. Rahal and others it just didn't work out that way. I blame the excellent organizational skills of Asmed Surgical Centre and Dr. Koray Erdogan for keeping us all so busy with activities:) I'm not … read more

Dr. Karadeniz FUE Patient Interview

After I arrived in Istanbul Turkey for my visit to see Dr. Karadeniz we headed out for a phenomenal dinner of traditional Ottoman foods. It was a great start to my visit! The real reason of the journey started the next morning however when I went to the clinic bright and early so I could meet and interview the patient for the next two days. The patient in this FUE patient interview had traveled from another country that was in the Middle East and he is one of thousands of … read more

Hair Transplant Documentary in Turkey, Part 2

hair transplant documentary
Joe Tillman and Dr. Emre Karadeniz

Part two of my hair transplant documentary showing my journey to Turkey is now uploaded and ready for viewing. Part one of my hair transplant documentary showed the journey from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to Istanbul and you got to get a taste of the annoyances that go along with international travel. It is very tireing to travel such distances but I feel that patients should have a strong idea of what is involved in such a journey so they can have context in … read more

Hair Transplant Documentary

hair transplant documentary
Hair Transplant Documentary in Turkey

Here is part one of my hair transplant documentary. As you may have read on this website and the multiple discussion boards I went to Europe in May to visit some clinics, one of which was the AEK Hair Institute in Istanbul, headed by Dr. Emre Karadeniz. If you're following my website you know that a couple of months ago I announced that Dr. Karadeniz and I had started to formally work together in that I am providing him with guidance and input on … read more and SMP Training

smp training

I've been working hard on a new project and it is finally ready to share. With the expansion of scalp micropigmentation in the hair restoration world there have been a lot of questionable claims and even more questionable results. In addition, there has been no real structure to the scalp micropigmentation industry and it has left every company fighting tooth and nail for your bald scalp.

I have created a new website,, with a few goals in mind. To present "the other side" of the SMP coin, the … read more

Hair Transplant Mentor in Europe

smp clinic brussels smp clinic belgium
Hair Transplant Mentor™ in Belgium May 19th

Oh boy! It's time to hit the road again. I'm heading back to Europe and this time I'm doing things different than before. I will be conducting clinic reviews, interviews and conducting Hair Transplant Mentor™ Second Opinion Service meetings with men and women that want a second opinion about their consultations or to talk about their surgery if they already had one. I know it is farily last minute, but sometimes that is how things happen. Sorry for the late notice but I … read more